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Check out Hyperfest at Summit Point

July 10 at Summit Point Raceway
The following events are featured at Hyperfest, and there will be Zambelli Fireworks on display Saturday at 9PM!
US Drift Competition; (winner gets $1000 plus BBS Wheels)
Rollover Contest
Fuzion Tire Tag Team Tricycle Race and Relay
Bikini Jousting (winner gets $250)
Hypershowoff (large car show)
Hyperfest Sound Off
Rice, Rice challenge.
Fuzion Tire Hot Pepper Eating Contest
Vendor Midway
Musical Entertainment
Food and drink vendors

Thoughout the weekend, spectators will be treated to races by ECHC, American Iron, 944 Cup, GTS, Spec Miata, Legends and more. NASA-VA will also be running the High Performance Driving Event (HPDE).

Anyone above age 18 can register for a Hyperdrive. A hyperdrive is a 20-25 minute on-track session with an instructor, and you also have one classroom session. You are driving YOUR CAR on a road racing course, and your car will be inspected for safety. Also available are Shotgun rides, in which you ride shotgun at high speeds in an instructor's car. You can preregister for hyperdrives at the hyperfest website, but you can register for all other activities and contests at the Information Booth at the event.

GATES WILL OPEN FOR GENERAL PUBLIC at 9AM SATURDAY. For those that are preregistered for racing or HPDE, you will receive additional instructions 10 days prior to the event about your gate entry instructions and other details about the event.

Hyperfest is a performance auto event that allows you to spectate or participate. If you truely want to see what You and your vehicle are capable of, sign up for the hyperdrive.
Summit Point is located approximately 7 miles west of Charles Town, WV.
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I wonder if i can talk them into dropping a quarter mile worth of 5-6 foot boulders so I can run my jeep out there. :lol:

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Most insurance companies do cover it, but will then drop you when a claim is filed for an accident that occurs on a track. HPDE's (High Performance Driving Events) are not considered a contest, are not timed, and I consider them safer than driving on the beltway. Too bad the insurance companies don't see it this way. Supplimental insurance is also offered for track events and autocross.

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Just don't wreck your car. Your insurance may not cover it.