Give a better gift, get better food


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Ha! This is awesome!

An unidentified couple planning to marry in the near future had allegedly sent an RSVP that demanded to know the value of the gift they would be receiving so they could provide meal options accordingly.

A snapshot of the outlandish RSVP was recently shared to Reddit's “Wedding Shaming” forum, showing that the future spouses created a four-tiered system of dinner choices, offering generous guests the best grub.


There was a comment on Reddit that indicates the donations will go to charity, which if true is pretty cool.


Just sneakin' around....
Read something similar to that before..... wanting to know before hand what they were getting (or the value anyway). Any invite like that gets a "sorry Charlie, I'm gonna be busy that day"

Can you imagine the looks when they serve someone chicken? The look of disdain ... "hey Mildred, see that? They only gave $250"