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Who thinks Toxick works at GMP?

Heh. No - I'm not the unofficial spokesperson either. The reason I always do that is because GMP is always getting slammed for some reason, and I have yet to see a reason why.

True story: I had a friend who was always kvetching and whining about his cable service. Poor reception, always down, bad internet... :blahblah:

So I go over his house, and the TV is on. I noted that the picture was fine. Maybe not DVD quality, but definitely watchable. The way he went on about it, you'd think the static would make all the characters on TV unrecognizable. I asked if I could check my email on his 'puter. Internet speed was acceptable.

So it left me wondering what all the #####ing was about.

And, of course, I have GMP cable in my home. With the exception of about twice, the only time my cable has ever gone out was during exceptionally bad weather - and I think since I moved into my house three years ago, that's happened about 3 or 4 times. My reception is more than adequate, and the digital channels are flawless. Plus my internet speed is as advertised.

Have your cable go down and go to the phone and dial 301-373-3201, and you WILL NOT, get an answer!

I WILL SO get an answer.

I HAVE gotten an answer.

I mentioned before that my cable has gone out a couple times because of non-weather related causes. When I called - they answered.

And they were .... nice to me :shocked:

And they ... fixed my problem :shocked:

I had a problem with my cable last week. It didn't go down, but there was some sort of weird discrepancy with the channels I was getting and the channels that were being displayed on the TVGuide list thingamajig. (The channels between 60-80 weren't being displayed).

They answered the phone.
They were nice to me.
They fixed my problem.

Therefore whenever I hear such over-the-top complaining about GMP, I can't help but roll my eyes - because I'm totally convinced that 85% of the problem or more is in the person's head.


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I think the majority of the complaints towards this company are coming from those folks that have lived in areas serviced by major cable tv companies including time-warner, cox and others. I do realize that the entire system in this part of maryland is undergoing a major fiber upgrade that will increase bandwidth and in turn give you clearer more vibrant pictures. But at the same time, as they upgrade the technology they should simultaneously upgrade customer care which is an integral part of the business model.


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I feel they're doing a horrible job on customer service, as well as billing. There's no reason for us to have an internet connection that is at best 1/5 of what Comcast is charging roughly 10$ less a month for. Also Comcast doesn't REQUIRE you to get expanded basic cable. To me that is a ripoff. My cable bill is at the highest I've ever seen. I don't have any Paid movie channels, only exp. basic, digital service & high speed internet. I'm paying well over 120-130$ a month. The same package/group through comcast I would be under 100$ a month w/ a 3mb internet package. That's why I'm so frustrated.



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Yeah, I feel ya there myself, but what can you do! I guess when this "upgrade" is completed, they will be able to offer a more competative price plan and service.


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GMP Down

Internet has been down since Saturday Morning. Called support 5 times. One ladie had enough nerve to tell me on Sunday that it was a holiday weekend. It seems nothing would be fixed until Tue when everybody returns to work. I'm paying for this service??? Ridiculous.

Live in leonardtown area.:burning:


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I don't think they ever said that they had 24 customer support! I think that is unacceptable given the prices that they are charging.


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I have had fairly good service from GMP on the two occasions I needed them. First time was with my residential account last year at my home. The cable modem lost its signal and within 2 days a tech was out and had to replace a amplifier that had been hit by lightining or power surge.

Second time was last night... on my Commerical Basic internet account (got the commerical because I have Direct TV, and its only $9.95 more due to the stupid "gotta charge you for basic if you dont have it" rule EDIT: Just saw post saying GMP doesnt do this this true??). My connection has been having LOTS of packet loss lately, and the speeds have been 1/2 what they should be.

I called GMP (I DID get nothing but busy signals from 4:30pm to 6:00pm...very annoying) but when I DID get through..they troubleshot from the office..sawa problem and had a tech out by 7pm THAT DAY! :yeahthat: Well worth the extra $9.95 a month I say.

O.T. question here. If the Residential customers are now getting 3,000 Kbs/512 Kbs....what are the commerical customers supposed to get? I had 2,000 Kbs/1,000 Kbs when I signed on Oct 2004. But recently I have been averaging 1,400 Kbs/840 Kbs??? Did they upgrade Commerical to the 3,000 Kb/s...if so Im gonna have to complain to GMP about this.

And I can tell you as a 3 year Comca$t customer in Charleston SC... you can KEEP Comcast away from here! FAAAR AWAY. For all 3 years I was in Charleston SC my signal was below acceptable levels. I constantly had MAJOR packet loss. I had at LEAST 12 differnt techs come out and say "Yep...bad signal at the street". But NO ONE would fix it. Then they stretched a cable across my backyard to add a single drop for my cable modem. Then they never buried it.... called about 8 times on that.

To top that off I had a Comcast tech come out that was a friend of mine that said they had over loaded the node in my neighborhood by at least 100%....
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I got away from GMP cable nearly two years ago. My problem with them was the overall picture quality and outages. Alot of my channels were always fuzzy and it seemed that everytime it rained the darn cable went out.
I never had any trouble having them answer the phone and they were always polite, but didn't seem to ever have any answers for my problems. On two occasions I was told that the reason that the channels were fuzzy was due to a bad alignment of the satellite with earth. :confused:


The TV channels are crappy, especially the locals. Internet works fine. Bad part is if I'm paying 50.00 a month for internet, when DSL comes around I'm gone since I have satellite for TV. If they were smart the price would be a little more competitive with DSL to keep people from migrating over.


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yeah.. I just signed up for cable internet with them only because there is no time frame on when DSL becomes available. We have Satellite and will probably make the switch over when DSL becomes available.


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I live in the california area and was told we would get the fiber line before we would ever see the DSL line. Anyone using the fiber line now?


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I wrote GMP an e-mail yesterday about future cable service in my area.. they wrote me back with in an hour, and I got a follow-up phone call about a half hour after that.. Return mail was from the new construction manager, the phone was form the business office..

ANYWAYS, come to find out.. they were just in my neighborhood last week, I thought that's who I saw with the little wheelie distance measuring thingy hanging out his truck, and are planning on bringing cable into our neighborhood this month. Not necessarily looking for cable TV, but the Cable Internet would be good.

JAYBEEZ.. don't get excited, I asked about your house, they said nope NOT that far..

:loser: :loser:


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To the poster that said they had GMP two years ago and had a bad picture, keep in mind GMP has been VERY actively replacing and upgrading the cable in this area. It could be that the cable you had was very old.

When I had digital cable in Great Mills last year (I have moved and got DTV now) the picture wasnt too swift for it being "digital".

But I will say the GMP customer service for Commercial Basic Internet is top notch. I even got a phone call from the Commerical service rep after my ticket was closed, and she gave me her CELL phone number to call with further problems. WOW!