Goat, other critter grazing land available


Orchard Creek Farm
I just bought a new farm that's 14 acres, off Rt. 301 in southern Upper Marlboro. 8 acres is pasture, the rest wooded. I plan to get a couple goats this fall, but have none thus far. I have a lot of underbrush and wooded areas that I could use goats to help clear out. If anyone needs grazing space and has some sort of portable fencing, please feel free to contact me! For that matter, if anyone has cattle, sheep, or anything else that needs grazing and has fencing, please contact me. I don't mind feeding grain and watering once a day if needed. This would most likely be temporary... I am moving my 2 horses to the property the end of August, but won't be fencing much to begin with just for them. My phone number is 301-919-9764 or you can e-mail me at anna.vonschwerdtner@pgparks.com.