God bless the USA...


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30 years from now........... if we still exist look for Trump to surpass Reagan as the best ever and Biden and jar of piss to be below Carter.
JFK and RFK were assassinated by their own Party. That was the day/s that opened up the whole debacle that WE are in, today. They would not recognize their Dem Party if still alive, today. And, MLK, too. They are rolling in their graves. I think that started global warming. If JFK was alive today, I would vote for him. Ask not, and all that. God bless the USA.


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I wouldn't be voting for JFK. No way. Not because he was Democrat but because he came within an inch of getting us all blown to hell in a Nuclear war. Because he double crossed the Cuban's at the Bay of Pigs. He also sent the First Combat troops to Viet Nam. Before that we were sending advisors and money. No: Sorry : I would not vote for JFK again.


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I wish sometimes we would take a few minutes and stop bitching about how things may not have gone our way in this country and look around. The sun came up this morning in the greatest country in the world. My goofy canary is chirping and singing his idiotic head off like he doesn't have a care in the world. I'm watching birds from my window, cows on the left, three deer on the right. There's frost on the field and I'm actually looking forward to walking through the trees on my father's property in an attempt to make sure he hasn't absentmindedly left anything lying around.

Later I have to go grocery shopping and I have at least six choices of clean, fairly well stocked grocery stores to chose from. When I'm in the grocery store I know I will probably say something kind to someone and someone will say something kind in return. Or look at me like I'm nuts. Could go either way. I have the freedom to do this though. When I'm driving to the store, I will see one or two Biden/Harris signs and one Trump/Pence sign. Voting for our candidates - another thing to love about this Country. God most certainly has blessed the USA and all HER majesty, freedoms, diversity, creativity, ingenuity, "can do" spirit. Wart and all, we still live in the greatest country on earth.