Going stir crazy!!


Power with Control

Not sure how summer only riders handle it. Last ride was Nov 6th. Hoping like hell that the Doc clears me to ride at the 12 week post surgery consult on Jan 30th. Battery is out of the bike and on a trickle....... Not helping is a slew of new stuff, helmet, new bluetooth, new mount and holder for the phone. Got the helmet (Bell SRT) two weeks back, swapped the old chinese $25 dollar bluetooth over (five years, wet, cold, whatever, that chinese stuff kept on keeping on) the Xmas morning, open the Scala Q Solo (I dont ride with other people, no intercom function needed). Tossed that in the helmet that day. Today I'll be installing the clutch reservoir top RAM mount for the phone, phone mount arrives tomorrow. Ready to have the son pull it out of the shed and park it in the driveway so I can sit on it and make engine noises!!! Longest I've been without a ride for maybe 9 years. Also dying to see how the new bikes aero and heated grips and seat make cold riding even better. tickfrikentock