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'‘Goth Crocs' exist, and social media users don't seem to hate them

Punk croc isn’t dead.

Crocs, the OG ugly shoe brand beloved by grandmothers and gardeners alike, has gained an unlikely gang of hardcore fans: goths.

New York-based Instagram user @garbage_b0y — who describes himself as an “uninfluential influencer” and “viral foot model” in his bio — is the culprit of this odd orthopedic mashup appropriately dubbed “Goth Crocs.”

Garbage boy (real name: unknown) released the modified black clogs with chains, studs and spikes on his Etsy store. They run upward of $260. Some foamed styles even have an aggressive single spike protruding from one of the holes.



Just being a fly in the ointment...
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What they really need is Crocs made out of Real Crocs.


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Would this be something a Goth Croc wearer would be interested to know?


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