Googles new Magic Eraser feature


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Works pretty good. Take a pick, tap on offending objects/people, and the AI detects them, erases them, and fills in where they were by extrapolating from the surroundings.



And what, Gentle Reader, does this have to with History?

One Redditors comment regarding this tech was priceless....


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This tech is older than you think. It was first introduced in photos in the 1930s--then called Uncle Joe's Eraser.
UJE used numerous separate tools in tandem to achieve its results. The three most important ones were photo retouching, NKVD (the 1938 Beria update increased instructed I/O operations to unprecedented levels), and historical revisionism.
Google omitted crediting their surveillance system to Uncle Joe. With Magic Eraser they are yet again omitting any mention of Uncle Joe for another field he has pioneered. He was to photo manipulation what Nikolas Tesla was to electricity. He made people vanish from photos as effortlessly as they did from their homes.


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Virtual reality - nobody knows what's real anymore. FB is working so we live our whole lives in a sci-fi movie.