grab that officers pension.... do it NOW!!!


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Infamous Georgia Judge Arrested in Nightclub Fight With Cop​

Story by Dan Gooding
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Just a few drinks too many and she turned feral.
It doesn't take much.
"It's in their DNA" - an uber liberal, woke, inclusive friend of mine talking about "mostly peaceful protests." He went on to say "it's like every so often, they just gotta go out and go crazy."

I was like, "Dude, WTF happened to you?"

Having to go on the public dole is what happened to him.

Him and another 2nd wave feminist friend of mine, who has since gone on to the Summerland, or whatever happens after we depart the pattern.

A liberal is someone who hasn't been mugged yet.


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Uh, damn...

Hotlanta, ya'll. WTF have Democrats done to that city?

Will the press conference be held in a church .