Graphic Video: Columbus Police Release Bodycam Video of Shooting


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Just more proof you can take a man out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man in spite of his making Millions of dollars.

This man is a Bona Fide example of a man living the American Dream. Rich beyond anything most Americans can even dream about.
He probably lives in a huge mansion in a white neighborhood.

But he still believes the tripe that Blacks are being held back and murdered just for being black.
I see blacks who have been shot by police ,we all have.

How many were decent, honest, working, blacks with no criminal or Domestic violence record who cooperated with police in the incident they got shot at. You mess with the bull you get the horn.

So many blacks no matter their social status side with criminals, because they are black without looking at their previous record.
Whites are happy to see the criminal element in their race get arrested or shot , whites don't want criminals in their midst.
Blacks do not seem to mind violent, drug addicted rage filled, detestable animals in their midst.

Now I don't say that to be racist, I say it with the proof of what is happening every time a Police Officer has to do their duty and use his weapon to stop a crime or to protect themselves.


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It's a little late. It got Biden elected, and he and the democrats are catering to the people who voted him in.
If anyone has eyes they can see what is happening.

Pelosi, Biden and others are jumping with joy at a police officers conviction, and appointing Cabinet members because of their gender and race or in the case of one person because he has no gender since he got his penis removed, just a freak with mental illness.
They have to continue to cater to them...right up until they have enough brown people for black lives to no longer matter in any given election cycle.

Candace Owens even said it back in, shoot, August or thereabouts, that she expects this to be the last national election in which the black vote will have any significant impact. At the rate the Demonrats are importing undocumented voters, she's almost certainly correct. In the meantime, the Left will continue to pander to the point of prostituting themselves and the country's values, standards, and mores.

If she is correct, looks like that 200 years LBJ spoke of has a shorter shelf live than expected.


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If the police rolled up onto this I would hope they would let it play out. I'm guessing the girl in the pink pants deserved this beat down.



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At the rate the Demonrats are importing undocumented voters, she's almost certainly correct.

blacks are going to be pissed when they wake up and realize those brown people from across the border have passed them by and their voting power is greatly diminished ... I don't think Hispanics have much compassion or care for Africans


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I don’t care about blacks anymore.

I’m simply worn out with them. Exhausted by their constant demands, their neediness, their helplessness, their hypocrisy, their never ending problems, their inability to take advantage of the myriad opportunities practically delivered to them, their ungratefulness, their refusal to take responsibility for their own lives or accept the consequences of their actions.

I’ve just thrown in the towel. I can’t keep caring about problems that I obviously can’t do anything about. Especially when they have brought at least some of it on themselves, or when they won’t make the lifestyle changes necessary to succeed or to overcome or avoid their problems.

There comes a point, where I just quit listening. When racist graffiti is discovered on a college campus, or on a black person’s house, my reaction is no longer outrage, disgust, and sympathy for a victim of a hate crime. It’s outrage and disgust alright, and it comes a few days later when it is almost always revealed to be yet another racial hoax perpetrated by black people. I really don’t want to hear them tearfully recounting that heartrending moment when they “discovered” some mean white KKK member had snuck into their laundry room, completely unseen and invisible to video cameras, to scribble “Trump ’16” and “Die ******s” on the wall. At this point, I’ll turn the channel.

I applaud those who are successful, and overcome challenges, and I wish them well. But just like my white colleagues, if they make poor decisions, spend their money foolishly, refuse the free education available to them, have children they can’t afford, get involved in drugs and criminality, I have little sympathy. And I’m not likely to make an effort to be friendly with them or get to know them. I’ll be polite, but I don’t particularly care to associate with them, white or black.


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It seems the ultimate goal here is to riot and destroy until no one calls the police on a black person committing a crime and to have police look the other way as well.


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A 16 year old is hardly a child. A better term would be a young adult.

And a Young adult can kill just as easily as an old adult.


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A 16 year old is hardly a child.
I meant to remark on this:

When it comes to sex and voting, 16 is an adult capable of adult behavior.
When it comes to criminal actions, they're just babies.

It must suck to be a Democrat and constantly having to resolve the conflicting narrativesd. Or maybe the all just blather out the talking points without giving them any thought. They chant a lot, so it wouldn't surprise me.