Great Day for a Ride


Just sneakin' around....
Dropped off some stuff at the paper shred event, then a long ride. Perfect weather, warm, dry. Seems to be taking forever to finish the paving at Point Lookout, and I really hope that some of the newly paved pieces are not the final coat. Rough, uneven. A big mess right now, thought they'd have that done before the trailers started rolling in.

Stopped at St. James Deli on my way back for a slice. First I've been in there since the reopening, looks great! Non-stop flow of people in and out.

And now back to chores. More woodworking in the kitchen/living room.


Just sneakin' around....
And I was at the store all morning and you didn't stop to see me! :tap:
The lot was full, didn't want to waste your time. Next time. I really wanted to see the flags.

As far as the one house missing flags, well, it's kinda at the far side of the flag run, and really not noticeable. If he wants to be a prick, so be it. He's not making any statement that anyone can see/notice/care about.
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