Great slasher films of the 80s


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My all time favorite is Re-Animator. Gross, vile, hilarious, campy, ridiculous, highly entertaining.



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  • My Bloody Valentine (uncut version)
  • Just Before Dawn (George Kennedy!!)
  • The Burning
  • The Prowler
  • Hell Night (Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten)

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Wow. Had to look that one up and read the plot.

And here I thought Rocky Horror was on the disturbing side. :twitch:

You own this on VHS? :lmao:
LOL. My first wife was a John Waters movie fan, so with that ive seen all of his movies from the 60's-80's.
She took me to seen a drag show on the block that featured Devine in the early 80's. I worked on two high rises that were built on Baltimore st
and one would see Mr Waters walking around or at Polock Johnnys/Lexington Market getting lunch.