Great Top Coat


But wait, there's more...
Really great air-dry top coat! I actually got it as a freebie from Sally's for buying something else (a few regular OPI polishes, I think) a month or so ago. This stuff is awesome! I put one coat on my regular (non-gel) polish a week ago, making sure to wrap the tips, and I have had zero chips/peeling of polish, something I normally deal with in 3-4 days warranting remover & repolish, as I'm a little hard on my hands and wash them multiple times/day, yard work, dishes, etc. It dries fast (touchable in 4 mins), and it kept a stellar high-shine for the entire week.

I applied another coat today just to see how long I can keep my week-old polish going.

Retails for about $8. Link:,default,pd.html

top coat.jpg