Greeley Man Buys One-Of-A-Kind Storm Chasing Vehicle


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GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – A storm chaser who has spent more than a decade following severe weather has brought a unique tool to Colorado so he can travel toward tornadoes. The Tornado Intercept Vehicle was first used in an IMAX film on the topic and will be used once again this spring for the same purpose.

“I got pulled over quite a few times, probably in every state along the way,” said Ryan Shepard, describing his road trip back home to Greeley after recently making the purchase. “They’re just mostly curious what it’s used for.”

Shepard purchased the TIV from filmmaker Sean Casey, who used the vehicle more than a decade ago. It was built in 2007 for the film Tornado Alley and Shepard first saw the TIV while working as a production assistant on the project. Casey listed the vehicle for sale and Shepard purchased it an hour later. He moved it from Illinois to Colorado in two days.

“A lot of people say it looks like a Mad Max type of vehicle, it’s just something crazy,” he said.


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Hopefully the video survives the 14,000 lb missile twisting through the air during a good storm on its way back to Oz.