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Biden Admin Unveils Proposal For Landmark Nationwide Crackdown On Gas Cars

The “more stringent” standards released by the agency would induce a 56% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions for light-duty vehicles as well as a 44% decrease for medium-duty vehicles, while similar standards were introduced for heavy-duty vehicles. The regulations would seek to change market conditions such that electric vehicles constitute two-thirds of new sales for light-duty vehicles and nearly half of new sales for medium-duty vehicles by 2032.

“By proposing the most ambitious pollution standards ever for cars and trucks, we are delivering on the Biden-Harris administration’s promise to protect people and the planet, securing critical reductions in dangerous air and climate pollution and ensuring significant economic benefits like lower fuel and maintenance costs for families,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in a press release. “These ambitious standards are readily achievable thanks to President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, which is already driving historic progress to build more American-made electric cars and secure America’s global competitiveness.”

The proposals follow aggressive regulations and legislative packages from the White House over the past two years in favor of electric vehicles and an overall transition toward renewable energy. The Biden administration, which has established a “whole-of-government effort” to reduce carbon emissions and incentivize renewables, has also introduced new emissions rules for gas stoves, air conditioners, and mobile homes.


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🪖 Normally I don’t dish on pending cases, but this small win is such a great example I can’t help myself. Yesterday we successfully pushed the local City of Gainesville to stop playing “hide and seek” with a Solar Power purchase contract where they were trying to obscure all the pricing details — even from an official State of Florida committee — behind a goofy “trade secrets” argument. The case is a great example of how anyone can do it — and we didn’t even need to file our draft lawsuit.

I often look back on my legal career and marvel at the unexpected path it’s taken. I was (am) a business litigation specialist, all cases about money — critically important to my clients — but which didn’t have much significance beyond the involved parties. For folks who weren’t around back then, my first lawsuit ever against a municipal government was filed against the City of Gainesville’s “vaccinate or terminate” policy, which I won in August 2021, securing the first broad injunction against a vaccine mandate in the country.

In another ongoing lawsuit, we are representing over 70 small landlords who are battling a bonkers climate-change ordinance. We’ve already forced the City to heavily revise the ordinance and tone down its penalties. The fight isn’t over but we are making solid progress.

These kinds of cases aren’t as glamorous or urgent as the headline-grabbing lawsuits against pharma behemoths or the federal government, but in some ways they are even more important. Every win is another block added to the fortress of freedom. For instance, when I won the country’s first mask mandate victory in April 2021 — after a successful emergency appeal — it encouraged loads of other litigators to start joining the fight; because it showed it was POSSIBLE to win covid cases at a time when everyone thought it was impossible.



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"The problem," Mills said, is "the average person will pay more. Not just for electric cars if that's what they're required to buy; they'll pay more for used cars ... they'll pay more for gasoline to drive it because of the hostility towards drilling, they'll pay more for electricity ... all the trajectories push this towards higher costs for everybody," which "the wealthy can afford" but "the average person cannot."

As middle class consumers struggle under the weight of exploding costs, wealthy green energy investors allied with the Democrats will reap an economic windfall thanks to Biden's market interventions on their behalf.

"To say [the federal government] is putting its thumb on the scales is an understatement," said Mills. "It's putting the whole weight of the body of government on the scale."

A February investigation by the Washington Free Beacon found that Biden has awarded billions to green energy companies that billionaire Democrat donors Bill Gates and Laurene Powell Jobs have a stake in.

Gates and Jobs are both seed funders for electric battery companies Ioneer and Redwood Materials. Over the past few months, Biden has channeled nearly $3 billion in loans to those two companies alone. While the results haven't fully played out yet, Ioneer has seen its stock price rise by as much as 33%.

During the 2020 election cycle, Gates' foundation gave approximately $70 million to a "payroll reporting agent" for dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund, which in turn gave tens of millions of dollars to left-wing Super PACs, including some who backed Biden, according to investigative news outlet Sludge. Jobs, long a major Democratc donor, gave more than $2 million to Jon Ossoff, Angie Craig and several other left–wing campaigns and PACs in 2020, according to FEC records.



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"The EPA is lying to Americans with false claims about how their manipulation of the market to boost EVs will help American energy security," said Manchin, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

The EPA last week proposed new pollution rules that could require up to two-thirds of new cars sold in the U.S. by 2032 to be electric vehicles.

"To meet these timelines will mean strengthening our reliance on minerals and technologies controlled by the Chinese," Manchin said. "This administration is taking steps that will only result in a more energy secure and powerful China.

"I don't believe that making progress on climate change should come at the expense of our national and energy security. I fully support Congress overturning these dangerous EPA regulations," he added.

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“The reason that most so-called experts — including many climate scientists — are against fossil fuels is that they violate this principle.”

Epstein’s argument hinged on the following eight points:

  1. Cost-effective energy is essential to human flourishing.
  2. Billions of people are suffering and dying for lack of energy.
  3. Fossil fuels are uniquely cost-effective.
  4. Fossil fuel energy neutralizes climate danger.
  5. Global warming has been mild and manageable.
  6. Warmer temperatures will save lives.
  7. The greenhouse effect is a diminishing phenomenon.
  8. Projected climate impacts can be managed with fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels currently account for about 80% of global energy production — and energy is used in the production of almost every good and service on earth. The rise of cheap and available energy has fueled rapid economic growth and a marked decline in rates of extreme poverty around the world.

Despite that, there are still areas where people live on less than $2 a day and face the grim specters of famine and disease — which could be alleviated by better food production and medicine facilitated by electric power and the technology that uses it.



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Biden’s Green Energy Boondoggle Keeps Getting Bigger

On Friday, Just The News reported that a new University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business model predicts that the cost of Biden’s oft-touted climate change bill — the Inflation Reduction Act — will now cost the U.S. taxpayers more than $1 trillion.

“The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) contained a range of climate and energy provisions that PWBM previously estimated to cost $384.9 billion over 10 years,” Penn said in a press release. “Since that estimate, newer implementation details have emerged, and the fiscal year calendar has moved to start at FY2023. Our updated estimate for over 10 years (FY2023 – 2032) for just the climate and energy provisions is now $1,045 billion.”

Much of that comes from subsidizing the “electrification of everything,” as some have called it. Here’s exactly what that money will be going toward over the next 10 years:

  • Clean electricity/energy ($263 billion)
  • Clean Hydrogen ($49 billion)
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage ($23 billion)
  • Advanced Manufacturing ($183 billion)
  • Clean vehicles ($393 billion)
  • Biofuels ($43 billion)
  • Energy efficiency ($28 billion)
  • Agriculture and forestry ($3 billion)
  • Energy grants and loans ($37 billion)
  • Air pollution ($22 billion)
Who will be in charge of doling that money out? Democratic lackey John Podesta. Will Podesta make sure that all of that money goes toward American companies? It doesn’t look likely. In March, he said that Chinese companies will have a big part to play in America’s energy future.

Even Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) took issue with Podesta over the comments.

“It is beyond irresponsible for someone speaking on behalf of the White House to not only condone but also advocate for sending American tax dollars to Chinese companies,” Manchin told Fox News. “That is not consistent with either the IRA or the CHIPS + Science Act, which had widespread bipartisan support due to concerns about Chinese supply chains.”

That Podesta would want to funnel U.S. tax dollars overseas to the Chinese Communist Party shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Podesta is good friends with at least one CCP official, Fox News also reported in September 2022.


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California bans sale of new diesel big rigs after 2036, existing fleets must be replaced by "zero-emission" vehicles by 2042. California bureaucrats approved a measure Friday that bans the sale of new diesel semi trucks in the state past 2036. Under the proposal, in 2036, 100% of new sales of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks must be zero emissions in California, scaling up from phased-in timelines that vary by the type of truck. The rules also would force companies that operate 50 or more trucks to gradually convert their fleets into electric or hydrogen models, reaching 100% zero-emissions by 2042, with these timelines also based on the type of truck.

Maybe the trucking industry can get themselves organized - all deliveries to California will be dropped at the border states for storage. California can come get them.


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Maybe the trucking industry can get themselves organized - all deliveries to California will be dropped at the border states for storage. California can come get them.

the bigger problem is the major west coast ports and the incoming goods ....

I guess Cali-FU could go back to huge rail yards at the pots and ship everything by rail to the border towns


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The out of control government needs to be reined it. Every agency just throws new rules at us with no legislative process. I think I will just convert my pollution contributor to alcohol and learn about moonshining both for the truck and me.


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"Things that make you go Hummm" for $1000 Alex . . . . . . .



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Opposition builds against EPA rule to transition Americans to electric vehicles

Critics have blasted the proposed changes, saying it is part of a larger Biden administration effort to undermine American energy production.

"We have never advanced as a nation or as an economy when government dictates consumer choices," Daniel Turner, executive director of Power the Future, told The Center Square. "Yet the Biden administration is using the power of government to determine what we drive and what appliances we have in our homes."

The EPA argues the rules would improve air quality by avoiding "nearly 10 billion tons of CO2 emissions." The proposed rule changes still face a lengthy public comment and approval process as well as dodging a potential override from Congress after the rules are enacted.

The Republican lawmakers argue the rule will give China more control over the U.S. economy.

"Furthermore, a rapid shift towards EVs would benefit only the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as China has a stranglehold on the critical minerals supply chain and manufacturing of EV batteries," the letter said. "For example, China currently controls 50 to 70 percent of global lithium and cobalt refining that are necessary for EV batteries."

Another line of attack on these proposed policy changes is the increased costs for Americans. Josh Roe, CEO of the Kansas Corn Growers Association, testified before Congress last week on the impact of the proposed changes.

"EVs are $10,000-25,000 more expensive than comparable internal combustion engine vehicles, placing them out of reach for many consumers including those in rural America where median incomes are lower than that of urban areas," he said.


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California's renewable-heavy grid vulnerable to rolling blackouts, Newsom looks to buy extra energy

To avoid running out of power this summer, as California has in recent years, Newsom wants to buy massive amounts of renewable energy.

The idea is to use the state's purchasing power, or deep pockets, to convince private companies to build large-scale power plants that run off of heat from underground sites and strong winds blowing off the coast – the kinds of power that utility companies have not been buying because it's too expensive and because the plants take too long to build, the wire service also reports.

Newsom has positioned the state as the most progressive when it comes to addressing climate change through clean energy.


Power the Future’s Daniel Turner told Just The News that Newsom is “suffering the consequences of his own green agenda.”

“Renewable energy is proven to be a failure, both unreliable and expensive, and only free government money and mandates put on the utility companies keep them afloat,” he said.

Turner also argued that California likely wouldn’t be forced into rolling blackouts had the state not “aggressively closed nuclear and coal plants” and upended its own grid.

“This is not the result of climate change but of a political agenda, which ignores market forces and basic physics," he said.

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano has a similar view, saying Newsom is giving his residents the “highest energy prices in the nation” due to the governor being “blinded by climate ideology.”

Those prices, Morano said, are bound to climb even further even if Newsom's latest “scheme” is realized.
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