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I like how the article noted the lack of broader coverage.

I posted about this a couple of days ago ...



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Driver Dials 911 After Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Bogarts EV Charging Station

As previously reported, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and some of her staffers set out on a 4-day electric vehicle road trip through the Southeast this summer.

They traveled from North Carolina to Tennessee to tout the Biden Regime’s commitment to funding electric vehicles that virtually no one wants (or can afford).

According to a reporter embedded in the Energy Department’s EV caravan, the entourage had trouble charging the vehicles.

The best part of the road trip? A family called the police on an Energy Department staffer who was so desperate to reserve a charging plug for Jennifer Granholm’s EV that he blocked the charging station with a gas-powered vehicle.

There was trouble in EV paradise as the caravan of electric vehicles began to run out of charge as they passed through a suburb of Augusta, Georgia.

Energy Department staffers pulled over to charge their fleet when they realized there weren’t enough available fast-charging plugs to juice up their vehicles.

One of the four chargers was broken and the other plugs were in use.

An Energy Department staffer was so desperate to reserve one of the fast-charging plugs for Granholm’s approaching EV that he boxed in a poor family – with a baby in the car – on a sweltering hot day – with his gas-powered vehicle.

The family was so angry that they called the police on Granholm’s staffer.


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Small modular nuclear reactor project in Virginia to enter new phase

Youngkin’s response has been to devise a more moderate energy plan that doesn’t abandon the pursuit of alternative energies but attempts to relax the timeline, much of the plan has not yet made it into passing legislation. He’s also advocated exploring other non-carbon-emitting energy technologies, like hydrogen generation and nuclear energy.

In particular, he wants Virginia to invest in small modular reactors or SMRs – in theory, less cost-prohibitive than larger nuclear power plants. The Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a design for SMRs in the U.S. in January.

Youngkin unveiled his “all-American, all-of-the-above” energy plan in October 2022 in Lynchburg and announced that it included a “moonshot”: “Build[ing] a small, modular reactor that will supply baseload demands within the next 10 years.”

This now-famous statement prompted members of the LENOWISCO Planning Commission to get to work. LENOWISCO, an acronym for Lee, Wise and Scott counties and the independent city of Norton, all of which comprise part of Southwest Virginia.


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There is a small nuclear reactor on Wright-Patterson AFB, which was decommissioned back in the 70's. It was experimental, but did provide most of the electricity the base used. I'd think that the technology has improved since then.