Greetings from Apalachicola, FL!


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Rolling down the road continues. It's just modified slightly. 7 hours out is our limit, unless Apollo comes with us.


Took a run down route 98. Mexico Beach is the first waterfront town once you pass St. Andrews pass. They were ground zero for hurricane Michael back in 2018. You can see a lot of building lots that once had homes on them. There is a lot of renovation going on. Some homes lost their siding and the bare wood is still exposed to the elements.

Next stop was Port St. Joe. They have a great downtown. We saw a lot of out of state license plates in the local businesses parking lots.


A great town for tourists. A lot of restaurants and bars with a few trinket shops for good measure.


A bit further down the road was our primary destination. Apalachicola sits on a point of land where the Apalachicola river meets the Apalachicola Bay. Apparently they like to use the word Apalachicola here. 1 odd thing happened to us going east. We crossed the time zone line. It never occurred to either of us. My phone never updated. So 1 of the shops Vrai wanted to go into, ended up closing about 5 minutes before we darkened their doorway. So we have an excuse to go back. There were a lot of people milling about. Business looks good in that little seaside town. They even have a few shops that sell high end art and other things that I'll never purchase.


I doubt many people plan an entire vacation to come to this town. But it's a great day location. It's mostly rural on the drive that way. So the people there that day had to come from quite a ways away.


And since we were already that far east, we drove over to St. George Island. It's a barrier island that requires driving over 2 very long bridges to get there. It's mostly a family vacation city. There is a small commercial area with a few restaurants. The rest of the places we saw were clearly residential beach areas.



This area is called The Forgotten Coast. I know the people that live there hope it remains that way.


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Great place to hang out......worst oysters in the USA....just sayin'
I value your opinion on oysters. I'll have to try some. Last few times we had them, they were chargrilled. So the other ingredients mask the taste or lack of taste of the oyster.


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5-mile bridge - I was very excited! I don't understand people who don't like bridges, especially over water. The view is spectacular.