Greetings from Helen, GA!


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OMG so cute! It's a Disney-esque Alpine village tourist trap, heavy on the German food and crazy $30 souvenir t-shirts. Our hotel is kitschy and right on the Chattahoochee (where it gets hotter than the hoochie koochie). We got in around 3pm, rested up, then hit the town. It's highly walkable and you can get your steps in without realizing you did it.

Had dinner at the Troll Tavern, which is under the bridge (of course). Monello had a reuben and German mashed potatoes (which are loaded with sour cream and butter) and I had a cup of beer cheese soup and a pile of the best wings I've probably ever had. Huge and crispy, they give you 13 of them and I ate 4, unloaded 2 of them on Monello, and now have second dinner if I get hungry later.

I love these unique little tourist towns!