Greetings from Panama City Beach! (again)


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Straight, I love it here. I didn't want to leave, and I did enjoy Biloxi, Galveston, and Austin, but now that we're back here...

Yeah, I suck.

We have a terrific New England itinerary for summer, and I'm excited to finally see Boston, Bar Harbor and Montreal...but man, I gotta tell ya...PCB is my happy place.

Winter 2017-18 we'll be in Marathon (which I used to love) and Fort Myers (which my friend assures me I will love). I don't want to love anywhere else except PCB. Ex-loves and potential loves...I'm ready to accept PCB as my true love because I'm loyal by nature. I'll always love my hometown of Lincoln, NE but it just didn't work out, so now I'm committed to Panama City Beach and good with that. Everything else is a dalliance.

But I also remember when I was in love with Rapid City and Cody, so maybe PCB isn't the real thing. But...I think it is. I think when I'm done fiddling about, me and Panama City Beach (and Monello, of course) are going to be in a committed relationship.

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I have a mooring for the this coming winter in Marathon in Boot Key Harbor.
I'll bump the sailboat down the coast this fall and goof off for a few months this winter.
I enjoy Marathon, lots of great sailboat folks to spend the winter with.
Probably hit the Wreckers Race in Key West in Jan.
My kid wants to do the intercoastal if possible with his College classes.


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Diego's Burrito Factory was a fun place to go. They moved since I was last there, but friends have gone and say the food and drinks are still great.

15514 Front Beach Rd
Panama City Beach, FL 32413


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We're baaaaack!

Poor Monello was a wreck when he got here because the storage door popped loose from the damaged wood it was screwed into. He did some emergency revisions, but it's not looking good for our traveling future. Which is okay because we'd already decided to look into coming off the road and making PCB our permanent home. Or the RV body shop guy might be able to fixee and we'll keep on rolling.... We were solid but might be wavering. We'll see what's what here with the park models and if they have one that fits us. And we don't even have to light here, we can go pretty much anywhere we want. BUT.....

It's still as terrific here as it was last time, and the resort has added a pickleball court to sweeten the pot. There's a nice Florida feel here that I like. ❤

After we set up we hit the BBQ joint for dinner and took a little drive. We didn't head down the beach where the action is (it's Bike Week here and there are like 8 million bikers reveling), but might do that tomorrow. Traffic is a bear during these things so you have to block out some time if you want to get in the mix. Tomorrow morning I'll go grocery shopping before everyone else is up and around.

Unfortunately Bike Week is ending, not just beginning, so all the cool stuff they do will be over tomorrow. They set up biker villages with shops and food trucks and drinking and live music, and it's pretty awesome. PCB has a lot to do anyway and it gets writ large for Bike Week - the city really rolls out the red carpet for them.


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New for 2021:

The Sun Resorts management appears to have lost its temper when it comes to guests not following the rules or mistreating the equipment. There are a number of finger wagging signs around that warn violators they WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE PARK should they flout the rules. There is one in the laundry room that goes so far as to bitch passive-aggressively about rule breakers, as in, "We have had to implement this policy because SOME people like to overload the washers and BREAK them!" Like that.

I'm not sure if crappy people who don't follow the rules read signs like that, and I'm not sure if onsite staff enforces them, but I do like rules and consequences. It just makes for a happier environment when people pick up their dog's crap, don't blast music until the wee hours, and don't break the washers and dryers. So if they kicked in some durhard's door in the middle of the night and marched them out at gunpoint for letting their baby chit in the pool, I'd be okay with that.

The biggest offenses I personally see are people who don't pick up after their dogs and don't keep their snarling vicious animal under control. Oh yeah, there's a nastygram for that, too - "If your dog so much as bares its teeth at another guest you will be FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THE PARK AT THE END OF A BAYONET!" Something like that...

They should let me write their signs. I could dress them up with eyecatching graphics so people would be like, "Oh, how cute, a bunny rabbit!" and see the caption, "Flush the freaking toilet or we will send five supermax prisoners to give you a swirly in your own poop!"