Groundhog Day


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Used to be not only one of my favorite movies, but one I loved to re-watch, dissect and talk about.
Ironically, it's through repeated viewing that I've lost interest, mostly.

But the question often has been - HOW LONG WAS HE IN THERE?

I mean, for one thing, it takes several times to remember all the details to rob the money truck and have it timed to the second. It takes even longer to go from no skill on the piano to being VERY good at it - and so on - learning French - ice-sculpting.

Harold Ramis - who directed it - said TEN YEARS. From just WATCHING the movie, he wakes up about three dozen times, and later MENTIONS dying in ways not seen, adding to the number of days. Then there's his dalliance with Nancy which clearly lasts a WHILE. So at least several months.

Some others have speculated - 30 years - or more. Same day.

No wonder he punched Ned Ryerson.