Gun Control Laws And Opposition


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Here is a crazy conspiracy of mine.
Why did Pelosi plan the invasion of the Capitol and why have they kept people in jail all of this time with no bond and no trial?

Well she knew that sooner or later they would find some way to arrest Donald Trump.
They knew this arrest would be followed by anger and protests.

Now: after watching the punishment doled out to the Capitol protesters a Conservative would have to be insane to go to Washington DC, the Nations Capitol , and protest the arrest of Donald Trump. Does anyone think Pelosi and her minions were smart enough to do that?

I don't know, but I do know that this potential arrest is not aimed at Donald Trump. It is aimed at every Conservative voter that would like to see him returned to the White House. This isn't about democrat hate of Donald Trump, it is about democrat FEAR of Donald Trump.

It is as treasonable as the Russian Hoax. It is a coup de tat against a man who has yet to be elected again.


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US Attorneys General Condemn Credit Card Firms After Pause on Gun Sale Code

However, a coalition of 14 attorneys general issued a letter to the two companies and accused them of bowing to political pressure. The letter was led by Democrat New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

“We see no valid reason why these companies, who process millions of transactions in firearms, ammunitions, gun kits, and more, would renege on their pledge to take … steps to help flag potential gun traffickers and mass shooters,” said Platkin in the letter.

Others who joined Platkin include attorneys general in Delaware, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia, according to his office.

Platkin dismissed Republican claims that using an MCC would “hardly” be “an invitation to violate the Second Amendment, but failing to apply it is an invitation to criminals to purchase firearm products with impunity and commit violent acts in our communities.”


because criminals use Visa and MasterCard to purchase guns


If I may ...
For your consideration ...

After they arrest Trump and he dies in prison like Epstein, they may wish even harder that they had gotten our guns.

What is wrong with a country in which political leaders have been trying for 7 years to destroy a man who has done so much good for the country, while ignoring the crimes committed by their president, and his family.

Attack after attack---Stories made up out of whole cloth like the Russian hoax, a historic raid on the home of a former President, with officers wearing body armor and carrying machine guns, looking through his wife's underwear drawer, while allowing Biden's lawyers to decide what he has.
And now some BS misdemeanor they are trying to turn into a felony about how he had his lawyer pay off some tramp, while the tramp had to pay Trump $300,000 dollars. You mean the Attorney general of New York--a city and State people are leaving in droves because of crime--has nothing better to do?

It's what happens when one pisses off members of the tribe, aka bolsheviks, aka, zionists. It is, as simple as that.