Gun Control-Loving Dem In VA: 2A Supporters Are 'Little Kids' Who Are 'Mentally Ill'


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Democratic State Sen. Dave Marsden referred to citizens as "little kids" during a public forum over the weekend.

When Marsden was caught making the statement, instead of apologizing and admitting he acted like an idiot, he released a pathetic statement.

"The Second Amendment community is very, very concerned about us approaching the problem as a mental health problem, and this is just indicative of exactly what they're talking about," Marsden said. "There are a lot of people who have mental health issues that are engaged on the current issues, and that's a concern to all of us."

The Democrat followed it up by referring to gun owners as "mentally ill" during a radio interview on WMAL.

"I've been having this experience for weeks. I'm getting calls day and night," he said. "Obscene, vulgar, threatening phone calls. I mean, we're not talking a couple, well over a hundred."

Marsden also sent a letter to his constituents who expressed concern about his anti-gun stance, saying "too many of your members appear to have mental health issues."


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I love it. "I'm going to use the power of the State to restrict your rights under the Constitution, and forcibly take your property on the whim of anyone who doesn't like you, and if that makes you mad, you are mentally ill".

Wow, talk about your basic shark jumps.


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..... and if that makes you mad, you are mentally ill".

I think he is really talking about people making threats .... I'd posit however if this is ' true ' anyone exhibiting this behavior is mentally unstable ... especially those whining progressives