HAM / CB / SDR enthusiasts - anyone familiar with "Mister Suicide Jockey"?


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Hey folks,

I noticed some of you are ardent HAM radio operators / CB enthusiasts. I've got a general question: any of you ever pick up transmissions from someone identifying themselves as "Mister Suicide Jockey"? No K-identifier that I've heard which should rule out HAM, but the sound is typically pretty weak. I believe 'suicide jockey' should refer to a hazardous materials trucker, but I have no idea if they are in fact transmitting from a rig.

All I do know is that they've been in my left ear sporadically for the past few months as whatever frequency they're on is getting picked up by my (passive) headset and computer combo. I've tried a choke to no avail, which makes it likely it's getting picked up on the innards somewhere, though volume controls don't affect it so would have to be after the amplifiers. I've tried recording some of his chatter, but it's too weak and scratchy for any of my mics. I've tried soldering on an audio jack at the speaker end to record off of, but plugging that into anything to record it also just makes it disappear.

I'm fairly well at home with electronics, but this is well above my available equipment and time to even figure out, and given another headset has no such issue I'm happy to dismiss it and just accept him as a tiny little voice from time to time with the passive one.

At this point I'm mostly just curious if this is a familiar person to anyone.