Happy Birthday, Marine Corps!


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God please keep our President Trump their Commander in Chief.

To think of them being in the hands of those freaks makes me severely ill.

I know some serving now are praying with me.


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Although I have never served in the Military, I do admire those who have served - veterans and active duty alike. They have sacrificed so much for our country, and many have even given their lives for their commendable actions too.

Happy birthday to our beloved United States Marine Corps, and for those who have served, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And even though it won't be until tomorrow, I would still like to wish all of our servicemen and servicewomen a very Happy Veteran's Day.


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Every time I see a veteran or someone on active duty (usually seen wearing their service uniforms), I always tell them 'thank you for your service'.

They, in my opinion, do not get enough gratitude for all they do for our country, and that is something I like to do - show my appreciation no matter what.


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