Happy Customer Service Story


Loyalty, Friendship, Love
This section of the forums seems to be just for gripes and I find myself telling bad service stories, so I figured I'd put up a happy story, just to prove I don't always b!tch.

We decided last year to buy a house in either Charles or St. M's County. We got a referral from a friend for an agent. Her name is Betty Brown of O'Brien Realty in Waldorf. She was awesome. She referred us to a lending agent, Bob Caldwell. (also gave great customer service, crunching the numbers to get us the best deal on a loan. He was with Charter One, but is currently employed by Financial Resources in Waldorf)

Anyway, we got preapproved for a loan and every weekend or every other weekend, we went out looking at the various houses that had come on the market that week (most houses were selling within a couple of days and we lived too far away to come during the week). We were also looking at Realtor.com and Betty'd check out our "finds" (mostly those sold b/f making it to the internet). We made 3 offers in two months b/f contracting on a house. One of those offers was rejected for what we thought was a dumb reason, so, she investigated what the seller's reasons were and worked out a new offer (it was rejected anyway but that was the other guy's issue). In the end we were very happy with our transaction.