Happy Father's Day!


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Happy Father's Day to all the fathers on the forum. May God bless each and every one of you.

Sadly, my dad passed away two years ago, so I'll be honoring him at Crownsville with flowers from the snowball bush he planted in the back yard and I'll spend a hour or so telling him how lucky I was to be his daughter and how much I appreciate everything he did for me, and the endless stories of growing up in Baltimore, and the fact that he let me keep every (nearly every) stray that followed me home, and most of all that he loved me, warts and all, without judgment and reservation. I miss him so much.


God bless the USA
Bing had this as their cover, today. I just loved it, so had to post...

I lost my father 20 years ago. I still think about him every single day. Best father ever. Hope all forum fathers had a great day. :)
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