Happy Memorial Day! (Sober, Reflective, Appreciative "Happy")

And a great Memorial Day it was. Perfect start to the summer. Took a long ride on the Slingshot, had good food. And a perfect end to the day, sitting outside with a fire in the chimenea, and the fireflies are out in force.

<< Life is Good.


God bless the USA
This is my ‘reflective and appreciative’ post. I have posted about James Jerson, many times. He was our babysitter when I was not old enough to babysit my bros. He died in Viet Nam in 1968; which was a political war, if there ever was one. I will never forget him. He comes up on bing, but the actual website is having a problem. Also, bing has their pic for today as the Vietnam Memorial. I hope it is too much activity in remembrance vs sabotage. God bless the USA, Jim, and all the brave that died for US. Please let it not be in vain. Oh, and hub ran around the hood with the American flag like he, always, does on military remembrance holidays. He said he got a decent amount of honks and waves; considering we live in Montgomery County. :patriot:And, no, I am not happy with what is going on in our country. Happy should not be associated with all the brave fallen heroes that have died for US. JMO.

And, never forget ‘the draft’ when true boys had no choice. Think about that y’all; considering what is happening, today. That’s all.

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