harbor freight motorcycle lift coupon


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LOL I have the lift...I get harbor freight stuff all the time...was this a mail flyer? I will look around for one in the am...
Someone here usually has a HF catalog, none found today. I searched online, found lots of coupons and sales for HB stuff, just not the lift.


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i found one. incase anyone is interested the coupon code is 40732828. you can enter it on the website and go pick it up yoursef or have it shipped

I have one of mine on it now with the wheel against the front stop, the tire clamped and two tie downs. Nice not to have to bend over.
Bend over is not good. Just spent about 4 hours installing cigarette lighter type accessory charger on the bike. Hard part was running the wires through the correct channel. Got so pissed a couple times I had to quit. Actually I started yesterday. Thought I was going to have to pull the tank off which isn't simple on that bike. Not like the Yamaha. Now I can be cool and light up riding down the road.:killingme
I think before the gear case oil change and clutch adjust I may get one of those.