haul junk away service?

Michael Delaney

Porsche 917K
I am looking for someone to haul junk from my house to the dump/recycler.
Does anyone know of a business that provides this service?

Michael Delaney

Porsche 917K
Aren't they in the LA area?
Is there a local Sanford and Son?
Now I have that theme music going through my head. Thanks!

In the past I have seen adds for locals that would haul away junk. I just can't seem to find an add now.

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Junk to unload

I do am in need of some junk removed. I looked up both links but neither covers the Great Mills area. Anyone know of any that does, please let me know. Thanks


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I have a truck and dump trailer and I do some hauling one the side. If you want a price shoot me a PM and I'll get ahold of you. I do this on the side on my days off from the Firehouse so I'm pretty reasonable.