Hawaii, Can you imagine?


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Lava spewing from cracks in the road and flowing through your backyard? Holy Smokes, that is some scary stuff. If the lava can't get you the sulfuric gas can.


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You built your house on the flank of a volcano. What did you think would happen ?
Yeah that. Mother Nature is just making the big island bigger. Just like people living in New Orleans - You live in a hole surrounded by water, you eventually will get real wet. California - you live on a fault line, you will get shaked, rattled, and rolled.

Our country is really diversified, for sure. And I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


My inner child laughed at the radio this morning when they said the sulfur smells like a giant fart over there. :ohwell:


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You built your house on the flank of a volcano. What did you think would happen ?
If someone can track down a Puritan tiger beetle here the feds are morally obligated to stop the eruptions and buy the houses.
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Oh my! This in today;

Thursday, there were signs it could soon explode and widen the disaster.

Geologists are warning a possible explosion at the summit of Kilauea could be the largest in nearly 100 years, hurling boulders the size of refrigerators. The heavy clouds of smoke coming from the main crater on Wednesday were likely triggered by a rock fall from the crater walls.

As the lava levels inside the volcano drain lower, the danger of an eruption can actually increase. When the molten rock reaches groundwater levels, pressurized steam can cause an explosion, shooting rocks and ash miles away from the crater.

Miles, not mile! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargghh :jameo: :jameo: :jameo::jameo:
People were killed 25 miles away when St.Helena erupted.
Exactly. I keep reading the people on the island are frustrated that they keep going to meetings for updates (rather than evacuating from the island) and no one is telling them what is going to happen.... seriously, they live on a volcanic island which is now breaking apart and spewing and they are waiting for a different answer than "evacuate"... :doh: