He Really Does Care!


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Okay, besides me, who got an email from Steny today with a Yes/No survey asking if I supported Trump impeachment proceedings?

Dear Mr. **,

Listening to constituents like you is my most important job. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to share your thoughts through a quick survey.

Recent allegations against the president say that he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son. I believe that this undermines our national security and ought to alarm every American. I fully support Congress moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. No individual stands above the law, even the President.


It’s my job to listen to Maryland families. Please click to take my survey to share your views and join my email list. With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Steny Hoyer


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I did get a phone call today that said they were canceling my Social security number.

I don't think I will lose any sleep over that one.


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I received an email today from Ms. Linah Mohohlo and only Son Favor. She's sad because she's dying and now her son will grow up without his father. :lmao:

and she wants me to help her with 10.5 million dollars.


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Based on his tone - that will be the "result" although I doubt he will look at the actual numbers.
Exactly: I said a couple of days ago in this forum, when I got his email that no matter what the actual count was he will say everyone wants impeachment. For his sake I hope his nose doesn't grow when he lies./


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I get them; I'm a registered Independent.

"Dear Steny:
If you'll take a break from butt-snorkeling Nancy for a few and actually talk to your constituents, you might find you're not on the same page as the vast majority of them."
Strangely, I've never gotten a response. Still get the spam, though.


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Strangely, I've never gotten a response. Still get the spam, though.
I have also responded and there was a place where they asked if you wished to have a response and I checked it. --but no response.
This is just a scam. Hoyer is putting this out there like he cares what his district has to say when in fact he doesn't.
He is just a shill for the Democrats,always has been he could care less about what anyone in opposition wants.
Sen. Van Hollen also sent his impeachment support email at the same time. I get email from him and Steny because I occasionally offer up wisdom on how to better serve Maryland. We tend to disagree on everything. After I voted on Steny's 'poll', I composed a few letters and can't wait for the canned response that probably won't come. Thanks for your interest blah blah blah.