Help Me Understand the Mystery of the Sign of the Two Dodge Omnis, Good and Bad


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In case you need a refresher on exactly what the Dodge Omni was, I’ll tell you: it was a very Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit-like transverse-engined FWD hatchback, roughly based on the Simca Horizon, made by Chrysler’s French subsidiary.

The car was built as a European version for and in Europe and in the U.S. for the American market. When it came out in 1977, it became Chrysler’s first FWD car made in America and were the first mass-produced American cars to have a transverse/FWD layout. That’s a pretty significant milestone, when you think about it.

Back in the day, by which I mean the 1980s, mostly, these sold well and received mostly good reviews in the press. They have all pretty much died out and disappeared from American roads, the last ones being built in 1990 and are incredible rare to just see in the wild today.