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Been rumbling and raining here (PF) for the last 45 minutes, seems to have quieted down now, tho.


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I was at Antoinette 's Garden on L'town. They lost power at around 7, was still out when we left around 7:30. But right up the road at DD seemed to have power and we have it at home in Hollywood.


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All we got is about 15 minutes of rain and a few claps of thunder. I should've gone ahead and washed a load of clothes, but no, gloom and doom are on the way! Dammit.
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Got a Code Red alert around 6:45 tonight. Lots of rain, wind, and lightning, then it cleared up in 30-40 minutes. There's another round coming up in an hour but not severe like the last one.


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I just beat the heavy rain from taking out the last of the garbage and putting away the patio cushions.


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Dameron was hit with the bullseye about 5:30 this evening. I wasn't home but wife said we had hail. I was leaving the farm in Scotland about that time. The rain/dry line was right around the American Legion. This second storm has a lot of thunder with it but looks like its staying in the river till it gets to Ridge and Scotland and it will be their turn for the bullseye. Hopefully no hail in this storm - I've got a great looking wheat crop that we will start harvesting in the next couple days and hail would be detrimental to it at this point.


the poor dad
Wow - just now looking at my weather station history and we had a peak wind gust of 26mph when that storm hit! And I have trees on three sides of me somewhat keeping the wind down.

Just got a report from a friend in Scotland - HAIL! About dime size based on the picture he sent.