Here's a far fetched thought


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i'm watching the television version of the purge. I find it pretty creepy and fell asleep thinking about where i could go to take myself and my son to feel safe.

So if you ever had the chance to purge for the one night it was offered - would you do it? If you didn't want to participate, how would you protect yourself; where would you hide or go to feel safe?
i like shooting from long distance...from a place you will never see comes a sound you will never hear.:patriot:


Damned glad to meet you
I've never read a lot of your posts, but you're a creepy kinda' guy, aren't ya'?
Thanks to creepy kinda' ex-wives and their creepy kinda' married boyfriends. I owe all my creepiness to those creeps!

Change your screen name to mAliceheimer and you'll fit right in. :lol:


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I wouldn't do it. There is not anyone I know that I can't stand enough to take their life.

Would it be fun to spray paint someone's house I don't like with DON'T be a dick. Yes I would feel guilty as hell the next day and probably fess up to it.

It would be much easier if I could send them the book of don't be a dick or the bag of dicks without them knowing. I know several people that deserve that and not just men.