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Hurray for Verizon! My phone has been on the fritz without me realizing it - couldn't receive all calls. Some would come through, and others would just result in a fast busy signal for the caller. Finally a client told me that they'd tried to call several times when I know I was sitting here, so they helped me troubleshoot and realize there was a problem.

I got on Verizon online and had their program run a check, which came back with, "Yep, you gots a problem." That was Monday. This morning the Verizon tech calls me and he's down the street checking lines, which had gotten crossed up and were hosing up the works. He fixed it, I'm fixed, and life is good again.

But I was impressed with how fast they came out to fix it, and more impressed that I could go online and get a line check right then and there.

He was handsome, right?


Would THIS face lie?
Plerase post your number so we can verify this thread...Are we supposed to jus take you on your word?


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The techs have always done a great job for me, it's the incompetents you have to deal with before you get to the techs that drove me away.

Which is why I was so thrilled to be able to check the line on their website.


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Which is why I was so thrilled to be able to check the line on their website.
I had to do that about a month or so ago. I was very pleased knowing it was an outside problem before a tech came out. Good service.
I disagree. Last week, I PHONED Verizon to report a problem with one of my telephone lines. In less than 24 hours, a tech was out and had the problem fixed! And the best part - no silly follow up survey call.
Glad you had a good experience. Maybe they've improved since the last time did a phone trouble report. My previous experience was 1 week for no dial tone; 3-4 for noise on the line.

I like using the internet since you can pick the day for the service call. Does the phone trouble call now provide that capability?
Why ya'll hating on the follow up survey call? I appreciate that Verizon wants customer feedback so they can straighten out any wayward techs.
Not hating. I like QA follow-ups. I just don't like the format of this one. It forces me to lie to achieve my goal. I'd prefer 'was the response time satisfactory' (Yes) and 'please rate the tech with 1 being awful and 9 being great' (9).
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