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Throwing the deuces
She always has the craziest, "this could only happen to her" type moments. I had my own today on my drive into work.

Driving northbound on RT 4 about 4:20am, there was a pretty mangled deer laying half on the shoulder and half on the road. I didn't think much of it other than it was in pretty gross condition. Five seconds later, a 3"x2" chunk of bloody deer meat comes flying at my windshield and smacks into it. Apparently the car in front of me ran over the deer enough to get a good size chuck of it in the treads of their tires.The meat ended up getting flung back towards my car and hitting my windshield at a pretty good speed.

I immediately turned on the windshield wipers to get it off but instead parts of it smeared all over my windshield!! The more the wipers tried to wipe it away, the more it spread out all over the windshield. At this point, I was panicked and dry heaving. I probably used half my wiper fluid trying to get all the remnants off but finally cleaned everything off.

Never in my life has anything close to that happened to me!!


Power with Control
Pretty nasty. Wife and I saw a crazy thing a couple weeks back on 395 heading south out of DC. Work truck ahead of us had a freaking appliance hanging off the back on ten foot rope for about a mile or so. Bouncing like crazy, jerking on the rope.


Awww, jeez
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Did you save the hunk of meat? I heard if you marinate it long enough, it gets rid of that gamey taste.