God bless the USA
hate to be one to brag about wealth and good living but,
Not done with roof yet, raining its ass off up this way.
How many people do you know that are rich enough to have a living room size shower complete with big screen plasma TV.
Don't hate me because I'm living well.
Sorry to hear about your roof/rain problem. If you can have a sense of humor about something like that, you will live a very long life! :smile:


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ok, the rundown on the last couple years.
Got drunk and fell in fish pond, fish were very polite and understanding but I decided to stop drinking. Coming up on the two year mark pretty soon.
had a couple young adults I knew die from overdose, decided it was time to stop just complaining about these things and do something about it.
Kidnapped a girl that was addicted to Heroin, brought her home, got her off of it, found her a job and she moved on with her life. Still doing good. Coming up on a year and a half.
Got tired of network bullcrap, so I quit.
Went back to college and got a degree in addiction counseling.
got certified as a med tech with the state.
Got new job at a facility for long term patients with Mental illness and Chemical Addictions.
Still in college going for the next step of the degree which is psychology. Its hard, makes me want to go back and talk to the fish again. But I wont.
Female half retired last day was actually yesterday, she starts new job as a teacher at a private school. I think she will be destroying the lives of small children. Who's to say.
Girl child is doing good, decent job at a retreat for rich peoples pets.
Roof on house caved in shortly after tree landed on it, actually very shortly after tree landed on it.
Rebuilding now, making stronger, faster, ok maybe not faster but stronger.
still have now old truck and just as old camper.
other than that nothing has changed.

Wow that's great!! Congrats! :clap: Keep up the good work!