ISO Recommendations High School/College Students needing hours for community service


I hope I've put this in the right forum.

I live in a senior community where we pay fees to the HOA to have lawn care, snow shoveling, trash collection, etc., done for us. With these last few days of heavy snow, we had a few residents who took it upon themselves to shovel the sidewalks because the contracted company hadn't gotten here yet. The HOA published a notice, with an attached article about things seniors should and should not being doing. Chief among the "should nots" was snow shoveling, not only because we pay a company to do that for us but because of the possible ortho and cardio problems that can occur.

However, the snow-shoveling company does not clean off cars or shovel the plowed up snow that gathers behind cars. The suggestion was made that high school and college students who need hours to satisfy community service requirements could provide this service for us.

The problem is that we don't know which person or agency to contact to see if this is even possible. The fact that we are talking about young people who may not have transportation has not escaped us.

Those who frequent these forums seem to abound in contacts for everything. Ideas, suggestions, recommendations, comments are encouraged and welcomed.


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Good question. Maybe the States Attorney's office? There might be folks who need to do community service due to speeding tickets, etc.


Maybe call a local high school and talk to the principal or guidance counselor. Maybe even the high school ROTC. I noticed in Annapolis the Navy cadets would go out and shovel etc for the seniors who live near the school.
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