Hillary??? FBI ???


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For this reason alone I find it hard to believe HRC will jump in and run in 2020. Even if HRC thought it was a good idea the many who covered for her would plead for their liberty (as in, not want any of this re-examined in the public forum potentially leading to new investigations).

If she insisted on running she just might accidentally stumble upon her future suicide note. HRC 2020 would be a bridge much too far for far too many I suspect.

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Didn't they swear there were no more devices with emails .?
What ever they say, they mean the opposite. Nothing to see here = there's something to see here. I didn't have sex = I had sex. You get the picture.

What gets me is that some on the left, talking about you maxine, think 2 scoops of ice cream is an impeachable offense, but an unsecured server with classified info is ho hum.