Historical marker removed in Salisbury, books are next.


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Now they are going after historical markers. Are book burnings next?


Commenting on his decision to have the marker removed, Culver said in a Facebook post, "As County Executive of Wicomico County, I removed the General John Henry Winder sign that has stood on the property of the Wicomico County Courthouse for many years. By doing so, I am hopeful the citizens of Wicomico County understand and reflect my belief that monuments such as this are offensive to many in the county. I hope this action is one of many steps that will help heal our community."
If history offends you, you are the problem


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I was thinking of taking a ride down to the Confederate displays at Point Lookout and take pictures before they disappear.


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I think this County Executive clown took a lot on himself.

They ought to tar and feather him as an answer.


Because George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln monuments are being destroyed too. Why are democrats so destructive and so offensive?
Except that’s only a recent development, and I haven’t seen any of them actually be destroyed. The right has been claiming statues to confederate leaders and klan members are their heritage. That’s what this ‘battle’ is about.


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I want them preserved so future generations will know EXACTLY who Democrats are! :yay: :yay: