Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

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Huffman gets 14 days, $30,000 fine, supervised release for one year and 250 hours of community service.


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How silly. She should have been socked with a fine and maybe a suspended sentence. Although, honestly, they can strap her to the chair for all I care.



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I never heard of her before this bribe stuff went down. I still couldn't pick her out of a line up. Being TV and cinema free is sometimes a real blessing.

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Felicity Huffman will spend two weeks behind bars in federal prison next month, but the facility she will be locked up in actually has some of the cushiest amenities the system has to offer.

After the actress was handed a sentence of 14 days in prison by the judge in her college admissions scandal case, Huffman's legal team asked she be able to do her time at FCI Dublin because, "It's the closest to Ms. Huffman's residence.


Felicity will be turning herself in on October 25, to the prison which Forbes magazine has called on one of the "10 cushiest prisons" in America.

If all of this wasn't shocking enough, the inmates get to watch movies on weekdays, play board games and get to join fitness activities.

Bottom line: Prison is Prison, but if you have to do it, this doesn't sound so terrible.

Gee, that's going to be a tough 14 days in the slammer. :duh:


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Actually the sad part is those on here who are whining about the injustice and entitlement of the "hollywood elite"...are the same folks that dismiss, rationalize or stand up for a man who created his own "university", named it after himself and bilked every student. But because this "nice man" (as spitbubble called him yesterday) who "gave us a tax break" became President and has an R after his name...well it's ok for him to scam folks!!!
in other words, you're defending them and don't have an issue with what they've done??

Is that what you are saying??

Or just making another "BUT TRUMP" remark that has nothing to do with the charges and indictment??


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Bribes ... aren't those 'donations' to the University
Ahhh.. if they went direct to the University.. DONATIONS..

BUT somebody shoehorned into their scam and were taking money out of the college pockets.. BRIBES!!


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They keep saying that it was a 'victimless crime'. That's BS. The victim was #51 on a admissions list with 50 slots. The soccer player who didn't get a scholarship because the coach sold it to the highest bidder.


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I never heard of her before this bribe stuff went down. I still couldn't pick her out of a line up. Being TV and cinema free is sometimes a real blessing.
We all bow to how cultured you are. Thank you for sharing how well and truly you are above the riff raff here that sucks at the teet of big media.

Or maybe your full of crap and not recognizing an actress on sight in no way translates to a blessing anymore than not recognizing a musician, or a fireman, or a janitor.

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