Honey Pots


Honey pots are areas set up for sex. Typically the owner/controllers of the honey pot would have hidden cameras and film your wrong doings as you participated in debauchery and drug use. Why? Blackmail.

Hugh Hefner
>Hugh invites over celeb/politicians
>Hugh offers them beautiful
>Hugh offers them a "safe space" to do it in
>Hugh tapes encounter
>Did Hugh pass tapes off to the CIA/Mossad Agent for blackmail or was he CIA/Mossad Agent himself?

He had underground secret tunnels from the mansion to the homes of Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas and James Caan at the time they lived close by

Epstein - they also had numerous hidden cameras - Rachel Chandler (the kiddie handler maybe?) for Balenciaga? Are they linked?

Taiwan - I think this is run by the CCP - anything you want - boys, little girls, etc. and it is said this is the worst of the worst.

Dominican Republic - Prostitution is totally legal here so many honey pots are set up.

Columbia - And the Good Girl Company organized a “Sex Island” where the payee can participate in drug-fueled orgies, prostitutes, while eating unlimited food and alcohol.

Brevard County Florida - rumors?

Disney - after hours rumors? Or was all that a distraction?

I'll add here as I come across this. It just might be a term we hear in the future.