Host families needed by Aug. 1st!

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We need your help to place 9 more exchange students in Maryland by Aug. 1! These nine students, profiled below, are waiting excitedly to be matched to their American host families.

Are you able to host one of these amazing students? ASSE Maryland has a fantastic support network throughout the state. Our reps are here to support you and your student throughout the school year. We also offer monthly activities for your students (and you, if you're interested!) to help them explore all that our area has to offer.

Check out the student profiles and share them with your family, friends, community, church, or civic group. Hosting an exchange student not only expands your family, it also contributes to global understanding and a better future for all of us!

Contact me with questions or to sign up to host: Heather Jones - 443-867-0380 or

Ieva (17) Lithuania - scholarship winner - Ieva loves the arts and would like to study art or graphic design for her future. She enjoys volunteering, traveling and spending time with her family. She also enjoys spending time chatting with her friends. She is a very easy going person and is excited at the opportunity to represent her country and learn more about American culture!

Yael (16) Spain - scholarship winner - Yael feels the year will benefit her in so many ways not only to be able to develop new skills but to be able to think with a new perspective! She considers herself as social, intelligent, clean and tidy. She is enjoys spending time with those she loves and is especially excited about having an American Family. Yael plans to work with computers for her career. She loves to weight-lift and is learning self-defense. Yael is excited about coming to America and spending time with you!

Anri (17) Georgia - scholarship winner - My family is very important to me. My dad died of cancer when I was 7 so my mom had to raise my sister and brother and me on her own. My mom is an amazing person and a great role model. About me, I really love to play and watch basketball. My dad taught me to play chess and I really enjoy playing it. I’m a member of several international groups in my country. It helps me improve my English and also teach me things like computer programming. I’m excited to share with you many things about my country and my culture. I hope we will become good friends!

Yu Han (16) Taiwan - scholarship winner - Yu-Han loves all kinds of music like alternative rock, pop music and she enjoys playing the piano! Can you imagine an evening of music in your house or sharing your life with a student that is eager to learn and share with your family? Yu-Han is from Taiwan and eager to share her culture. She would love to share Chinese brush painting or other special things about Taiwan! Please consider Yu-Han if you would like to learn more about Asian Culture.

Gaby (17) Moldova - scholarship winner - I am so excited to meet you! I am a positive, friendly and sociable person. My first language is Romanian, but I also speak Russian and English. I am very serious about my studies and responsibilities, but I also like to have fun with my family and friends. We work together on projects and we always do it with joy. My favorite activity is painting…I can put my whole being on the canvas. In the future, I would love to be a fashion designer which will require talent and hard work. I can't wait to meet you, my host family!

Alejandro (16) Spain - scholarship winner - Volleyball and running are sports that Alejandro enjoys. His parents are from Ukraine but he was born in Spain so he has an interesting mix of cultures in his life. He enjoys spending time with his friends and his scouting group. He enjoys meeting new people, especially if they are from somewhere else. He is eager to begin the adventure of meeting new people and learn about a new culture!

Lea (16) France - Gymnastics is one of Lea's passions, along with watercolor painting and drawing. She also likes to listen to music and to cook. Lea desires to come to America to learn about our culture and traditions. She loves the idea of being a part of American family. Lea loves all types of pets! She knows that this year will be make memories to last forever in her life and she is eager to start the memory today by hearing you have selected her to be a part of your family!

James (15) Thailand - James is homeschooled and is eager to experience public high school for the first time. He enjoys working on coding, graphic design, video editing, and photos. His longtime goal is to work with computers. His family is very excited that he will be an exchange student and very supportive of his decision to learn more. James is eager to help his new host family in whatever needs to be done. He is willing to take care of pets or even cook for you!

Francois (16) France - Francois wishes to thank you for being kind enough to welcome him into your family. He enjoys spending time with his family going to art exhibitions, the cinema, taking walks on the beach or a trip to the coast. He likes to play tennis and football, and also to watch cooking shows and to cook . He has a professional objective to study at Lausanne School of Hotel Management in Switzerland. It is necessary to be very good in languages so he feels by coming to America is one way that he can become fluent in his English. He has been studying English for 7 years, Spanish for 3 years and Chinese for 1 year.

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My husband and I would consider hosting a student in our Mechanicsville, MD home. The only obstacle would be driving them to school/other places. We live in a pretty rural area and it's a little walk to the main road and bus stops. Is there any way to work around this?

Heather Jones

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My husband and I would consider hosting a student in our Mechanicsville, MD home. The only obstacle would be driving them to school/other places. We live in a pretty rural area and it's a little walk to the main road and bus stops. Is there any way to work around this?
Thanks so much for your question! I just sent you a private message with answers to your questions. :D I look forward to hearing from you soon!