How ‘no-knock warrants’ and police recklessness got an innocent woman killed


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Here's the search warrant.

Looks like her car showed up at a house that was under surveillance. They ran the car, found her address, and found that as of February of this year, her address was also listed as her ex-boyfriend's (who was part of the surveillance).

They were able to get a no-knock warrant approved and executed on her house because he ex-boyfriend had her address listed as his in the databases the officer searched and "due to the nature of how these drug traffickers operate".
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Mistakes happen. It's just the way it is when humans are involved. I'm curious exactly how often it happens, though.

And did your friend sue the chit out of the county? Because I'd let someone rip me out of a shower and throw me on the ground for a few mil.
Shoot. #WishingIwasaMillionaire