How Global Capital’s Social Credit Systems Force Corporate America To Lurch Left


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Pushing Left-Wing Agendas

BlackRock, State Street, and others are using their stock to force companies to adopt policies and social causes promoted by elites, many of which align with left-wing goals.
The most important tool for accomplishing this strategy is environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, a new framework for evaluating businesses. Under an ESG model, which has already been widely adopted by corporate America, companies are rewarded or punished based on how they score on dozens of metrics developed by bankers, investors, activists, and, in some cases, government officials.
For example, one influential ESG model developed by the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum — one of the leaders of the international “Great Reset” movement — evaluates businesses based on their commitment to the Paris Climate Accords, water use, “ecological sensitivity,” and, among many other things, the “Percentage of employees per employee category, by age group, gender and other indicators of diversity (e.g. ethnicity).”


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This video is about that exact topic. It's a little over an hour long, but it's well worth the time to watch it.