How Much Stimulus Will You Get?


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It's not surprising

Their online application portal has totally crashed and burned. Business owners that spent 6-8 hours dealing with the bloated applications saw all that work go poof. Now we're supposed to just download an application and send it in via fax or email. That application isn't even correct for this emergency loan program; they want to know how much money we lost as result of the disaster. As if COVID-19 was a tornado and it's all gone now..done and over...and we've tallied up all the damage.

Yeah..we need more government all right.


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There was a financial guy on CH 11 news this morning and a question was asked will this money be taxed. His response was no. The follow up should have been will the govt count this as income on next year's taxes.


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How many groceries would the Kennedy Center's $25 million buy?
This may take the sting out a bit. At least, it did for me!

Pertinent part:
Then inexplicably he praises the $35 million earmarked for the Kennedy Center in the relief bill. What’s going on here? Ah—here’s the kicker, from the Washington Post today:
Trump appoints Jon Voight, Mike Huckabee and 8 others to Kennedy Center board
President Trump will appoint actor Jon Voight, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and eight others to the Kennedy Center’s board of trustees, the White House announced Wednesday. . .
The appointees will replace [among others] . . . Rose Kennedy Schlossberg.
Heh. Trump is just doing this to drive liberals (even more) insane. You can just hear the gasps of outrage among the glitterati over Voight and Mike Huckabee being appointed to the Kennedy Center board. He’s really stepping up his 3-D chess game.

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