How NOT to remove a hornet's nest

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A Massachusetts man sparked a fire on his family home’s roof last week as he was trying to get rid of a pesky hornet’s nest with a Roman candle.

Dave Schmida, of Sturbridge, first tried using Raid, an insecticide spray, but that didn’t work — so he decided to use a firework instead, the Telegram & Gazette reported Thursday.

A video taken by his brother, Matthew, shows Dave firing three shots toward the hornets nestled into a corner of the roof on the third floor of their home.

His first three shots missed but the fourth hit its target, and the hornet’s nest went up in flames.



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:yikes: Probably someone yelling "INCOMING" then everyone running for their lives. :lmao: must have been there too. :whistle:

Sadly, Tall Timbers Marina has closed for the 4th of July weekend ever since"pyrotechnical miscalculation".


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I've always wanted to use hornet nests as weapons, put one in a rubbermade trash can, drop it on some shitheads and watch the hilarity. Biological weapons are against the rules of war though.