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Raisin cane
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I thought of a few more catagories:
For the older folks - Hurry! Won't last long!
For the wanderers - Rambler
For the shy type - Must see to appreciate!
For the, shall we say, 'easy' women - Priced well below market!

For myself - Hidden gem


The kind you build in your living room with cushions and blankets?
The kind you build in your back yard or tree. Go around the neighborhood scrounging up wood and metal. When I was a kid my parents let us (the neighborhood kids) build a massive fort in our backyard. It was the coolest place to go and get away with just about anything (smoking, drinking, girls, playboy magazines, etc...). It had two floors, secret passages... Not to mention it kept us busy for an entire summer and out of our parents' hair.
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Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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"Lots of Curb Appeal/Well Maintained"

But I am actually already "SOLD", too. :dance: