How's everybody doing?


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In the Dorf it Hella rained from 6am to 9am with very little wind, then it stopped raining and thankfully it got a little windy.

Because I had a tree limb that fell in my yard last week, so I threw it in the road and reported it as hurricane damage. County came and took it away.:yay:


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I had a small yard trailer that got pushed about 10', and I had to pick up a stick in the backyard. Today I have to cut the grass and make those 10 leaves disappear.

I know I'm making light when others had it much tougher. Been there. In one past storm I had not less than 10 2-3 foot diameter oaks blocking our roads. Took us days to get it cleared, county wasn't available. On genny for a full week. Showered at the office. Just really happy it wasn't worse for our neighborhood this time.

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I have friends who live in North Beach, right on the water. He said he got little damage, a little water leakage, and a strangely twisted, downed tree in his front yard. I think the tornado that was reported in that area came a little close.


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LW and me spent several hours on Monday (in the rain -- if we were smart, would have done it on Sunday) snaking all the outside drains and clearing all the downspouts.
Because of this, during the heavy rain early morning, just looked outside -- drains are draining, downspouts are downsputerring -- and went back to bed, to sleep in. Ounce of prevention and all that.

After it all blew over, went to check out the surroundings -- our neighbor's driveway was blocked by 3-4 medium trees that fell over, and he's elderly and can't do much himself. So we busted out clippers and the chainsaw, and cleared his driveway. Fun was had by all.


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We were lucky in Leonardtown proper. Had a good size tree branch hit the side of the house and knocked a picture off the wall. THe basement got wet, but hubby kept it under control. That was it for us. My granddaughter lives in Callaway, she said they got lucky and were not affected by the tornado that was spotted in Piney Point. One daughter in Chesapeake Beach said she didnt have power for most of the day, other daughter lives in Lusby, said they were good, but, some of her neighbors had trees come down on their houses.