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I know this won't apply to all the readers.... but I'm going to put this out there anyway.....

Have you met a Geriatric Nursing Assistant.... or anyone who works with old mean unpredictable people.... getting spit at and punched and pinched and even peed on?????

Bet you didn't know that being attacked is part of the job.... and it sometimes has to be.... the patient doesn't have any control over it... and even though the GNA shouldn't have to live with it as part of the job... sometimes they do... because if they don't take care of that mean old human... no one will.... and everyone deserves to be cared for.....

Bet you didn't know that's not the worst part of the job..... loss is the biggest and worst part of the job.... When a patient or resident finally passes away... the caregivers grieve too.... and sometimes... when the caregiver doesn't have that family member to hold them... like grieving family members do... they put that hurt away... tucked in the corner of their heart.... as part of the job.... like being punched or kicked....

Have you met a GNA? Did you hug them? If you see my daughter... please give her a hug for me.... she takes care of the old folks.... and she has cried a lot of tears over their passing....


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Well said. :clap: They and all nurses are the unsung heroes of medical care. My sister is an RN, has worked at the same nursing home her entire career which is almost 40 years, and is the senior director of nursing. Truly dedicated to her profession, as noted by the numerous phone calls and texts she answers on her own time and her days off, even going in Christmas night from 7 to 11 pm so her patients were well cared for.

Big hugs and kudos from me for them all. :huggy:


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As a teen I worked in a facility like that, very eye opening experience... I eared 2.05 $ / hour.


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Fact is... I don't think we could ever afford to pay them what they are worth....

Respect.... gratitude.... a break.... is sometimes greatly appreciated!



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My family was fortunate to have such an Angel to help care for my step-father in his last years. After his passing, she also cared for my neighbors mother. She, also, was so grateful for her. We are all still in touch with her.